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Title : Existing path
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MP - Pos0001856
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Posters Content: Do not travel an existing path. Instead go where there is no path and leave a path behind.
Poster's Description : We provide attractive multi-color motivational posters and inspirational posters, self development posters and personality development posters. The default language of the posters is English but we can be made available in different Indian and foreign languages. The posters are available in standard sizes but we can supply them in any size you want for a nominal charge.

We can also print your company logo on the posters for an additional nominal charge. For details of various options please click on "Logo option" or "Size Option" or "Language Option" on the menu bar.

Our attractive posters can be used to design workplace interiors (offices and factories) in a cost effective manner. These posters provide a simple, easy and cost effective way to decorate your workplace. In addition, these posters will serve as an educational, motivational and reminder tool to all the employees in your office. For more information, please contact us.

Leadership is a complex subject. Are good leaders born or made? What are the characteristics that make a good leader. There are as many theories as there are experts. One day we feel that a person is good leader and another day we change our opinion. One day MS Dhoni, the Indian cricket captain, is considered an excellent leader because he wins matches and as soon he has a losing streak he becomes a poor leader. One day we are developing case studies based on Dhoni’s leadership style and a few days later we drop the idea.

Now they say that change is the only constant. Globalization and fast changing technology has made change an integral part of life. Accepting change and that also fast changes is very difficult. But we have no choice. We can resist change and get left behind or we can take advantage of the changes taking place. In reality, we have just one choice, that is, accept change for success.
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Available Sizes Estimated Weight Poster Material Price Per Poster
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11"X17" 35 gms Art Paper 110 Add to Cart
13.5"X21.5" 80 gms Art Paper 160 Add to Cart
13.5"X21.5" 80 gms Art Paper 160 Add to Cart
11"X17" 35 gms Art Paper 195 Add to Cart
12.5"X18.5" 40 gms Art Paper 250 Add to Cart
18"X24" 200 gms Vinyl 470 Add to Cart
24"X36" 350 gms Vinyl 885 Add to Cart
30"X40" 450 gms Vinyl 1535 Add to Cart
Notes (NON FRAMED POSTERS): The above prices include sales tax of 12% GST. Shipping and handling extra as shown in Shopping cart.
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